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111008 Just pulled a dime out of my shoe... How long has that been there?

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111007 Yummmm... just made spiced cider and now my apartment smells like cinnamon. Finally starting to feel like autumn :-)

111007 Thanks again to everyone who joined my #LCBookClub live chat! I had a great time :-) What should we read next?

111007 100 years of style in under 2 minutes: http://www.laurenconrad.com/post/friday-favorites-25. Genius video!

111007 Thinking of trying something new with my hair... What do you guys think?

111007 #FF Follow @FaceForwardLA and do your part in helping those affected by #DomesticViolence.

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111007 My LIVE CHAT starts NOW! Come talk about #TheHelp with me by clicking here.

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111006 Just spotted @sofifii in Nylon magazine! So proud of my big sister xx

111006 What's your fall fragrance ladies? These are mine.

111006 Only a few more hours until my LIVE online #LCBookClub chat! http://bit.ly/oTFIHr It's today 4pm PST!


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111005 Dude. Some people are like slinkies. You know... you smile when you think about pushing them down the stairs.

This one's for all you casual cool ladies.

111005 Finally! The secret to healthier hair & nails is here: http://bit.ly/oH5bah. #beautytips #GNC

111005 Don't forget to join my live #LCBookClub chat on #TheHelp tomorrow at 4pm PST :-)

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Yum! Now this is what I call a Lala Latte...

111004 October is National #DomesticViolence Awareness month. Support @FaceForwardLA and help spread the word to end violence.

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111003 Up bright and early. Time to kick into gear... literally!

111003 Are you in my Member Spotlight post today?

111003 @MauraMcManus should we order one for the office?

111003 Follow @SoHo_Project! Creative sisters giving back in creative ways! Follow & RT to show your support!

111003 Want to guest blog for LaurenConrad.com? Snag a friend, grab a camera, and get your craft on!

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111001 At @Kristin_Ess 's fancy new salon shooting a @TBDofficial tutorial for Halloween hair

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110930 Happy Friday :-)

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Just started working on one of my Halloween costumes...

110929 Speaking of #Halloween... Don't forget to submit your costume DIYs for a chance to be featured on my site :-)

110929 It's never a good idea to bake cookies when you are home alone because there is no one else to eat them all... or judge you when you do.

110929 These make me want to go back to bed...

110929 @LoBosworth HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

110929 Don't miss the chance to win $500 towards fabulous designer formal wear with @RentTheRunway!

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110928 Are you a "business casual" gal? Then check out my new Dress Coding post

110928 Runway hair trend: the wet look! @LaurenConrad wants to know, would you dew the do? http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/09/water-works/ Kindly vote & let us know, please!

110928 Time to change up our nails! @LaurenConrad shares her top 5 polish shades she'll be sporting this Fall! http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/09/pick-a-color/ Yours too? xo

110928 Had one of those days that started out really bad and then made an unexpected turn... kind of love those :-)

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110927 These could be fun...

110927 The Ombre Lip! @amynadine shows us that this Fall trend isn't only for fashion and hair http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/09/trending/ XOXO

110927 Let's talk... On October 6th @ 4pm PST during my LIVE #LCBookClub Chat about #TheHelp!

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110926 Win $500 towards the perfect homecoming look!

110926 Say cheese!

110926 Want to guest blog for LaurenConrad.com? Then check this out all you crafty blogettes.

110926 It's one of those days... No matter how much coffee I consume I'm still so tired.

Hey Shortie! @Kristin_Ess has an adorable updo for you ladies sporting a shorter cut

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110923 Happy 1st day of Fall.

110923 My amazing stylist @BritteBardo just gave me a B12 shot in the bum haha. Already feel so much better :-)

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Best. Present. Ever. :-)

110922 On my way to a Kohl's photo shoot with a terrible cold. Achoo! @Kristin_Ess & @amynadine have their work cut out for them today!

110922 Only a Bridesmaid would ask for “the ol’ knockwurst sandwich!". Come up with your own one-liner! #Brides1Liner

110922 Doughless pizza... http://www.laurenconrad.com/post/recipe-box-doughless-pizza. When's lunch? :-)

110922 Happy 20th Anniversary @Equinox

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110921 Ingredients for the perfect fall wardrobe...

110921 My little miss sunshine

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110920 If the broom fits—fly it! 10 Halloween costume ideas to get creative & crafty with...

110920 Come check-in for my Book Club Q&A on #TheHelp :-) Just posted 3 reading questions for you guys to answer... http://bit.ly/nubFq420 Sep

110920 Congrats to the 25 winners of my @DogearedJewelry Bow Necklace Giveaway! Are you a winner? Find out here.

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110919 Happy birthday to my Grandma Marilyn who is 80 years young today!

110919 Day two of Coterie! Come see our Spring collection at booth 3124! Xoxo

110919 My final post for @forbeslife is up! Take a look

110919 Look at these lovely maxi-clad ladies! Are you in today's Member Spotlight

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110917 we love you @Allure_magazine! look here

110917 Want to see the @PaperCrownLuvsU's Spring 2012 Lookbook? Be the first to check it out here

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110916 @PerezHilton Agreed. This chick was about 30...

110916 Thank you to everyone who came to say hello at Nordstrom! You all looked so pretty in @papercrownluvsU !!

110916 So I guess "Hey Arnold"wasn't wearing a kilt after all...
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